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Sharing ideas and treating each other with respect while working with a partner

New group of Elementary level

First meeting of group of Elementary level (Ang2.A2) with their positive and confident teacher Alla Khoptyar. We wish you to make a huge progress in your English learning, leave your worries and fears behind and experience a lot of bright emotions and feelings. 🎉🇬🇧

2019 a year for change…

This year is the year for taking steps,

grasping chances

taking ownership

being powerful.

This year is the year for plans,

the year for sharing, caring for myself,

for others; empathy, integrity…

Big steps and exciting times ahead.

2019 a year for change…

Phrase of the day - LOVE ME, LOVE MY DOG!

Vocabulary LOVE

💞HAVE A CRUSH ON SOMEONE: to feel romantically attracted to some person (Often people keep their “crushes” a secret because they are afraid that the feelings aren’t mutual (that the other person doesn’t have the same feelings) 
Example: I have a crush on a girl in my English class. She’s beautiful, smart, and funny – but I’m too shy to talk to her!

💞FLIRT WITH SOMEONE: to behave playfully towards another person who you are or pretend to be attracted to romantically
Example: Did you see the guy who was flirting with Jenny? He bought her a drink, talked to her all night, and asked for her phone number.

💞ASK SOMEONE OUT: to invite someone to do something with you in a romantic context – for example, seeing a movie or having dinner in a restaurant.
Example: Peter finally asked me out! We’re going to the theater together on Friday night.

💞FALL IN LOVE: to begin to experience feelings of love for someone
Example: I think I’m falling in love with Melissa. I can’t stop thinking about her!

💞DATE: a romantic activity that two people do together.
Example: My date with Peter last Friday was wonderful. I really enjoyed his company at the theater.

💞LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT: to fall in love with someone or something the first time that one sees him or her or it
Example: When I saw the woman at the party it was love at first sight and I knew that I wanted to meet her. The woman loved the house. It was love at first sight.

💞TO BE CRAZY ABOUT: to think that another person is wonderful 
Example: My cousin has been crazy about her colleague for many months now.

💞TO ADORE: to love someone very much, especially in a way that shows a lot of admirationor respect
Example: I knew Geoff would adore you.

💞HAVE A SOFT SPOT FOR SOMEONE: to like someone a lot, even if they do not deserve it
Example: Despite how troublesome he could be, Jane had a soft spot for Daniel.

💞TO BE AN ITEM: two people are an item when they are having a romantic relationship
Example: I didn’t know Chris and Sue were an item. They didn’t even look at each other at dinner.

💞TO BE HEAD OVER HEELS (IN LOVE): be in love with somebody very much
Example: Look at them. They’re head over heels in love with each other.

💞TO BE LOVEY-DOVEY: expressing your love in public by constantly kissing and hugging
Example: I don’t want to go out with Jenny and David. They’re so lovey-dovey, I just can’t stand it.

💞MADLY IN LOVE: to be deeply or extremely in love with somebody
Example: They are madly in love, they love and trust each other and will always be loyal to one another.


Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is celebrated in many countries, but what are the differences between today's celebration and in the past?

Valentine's Day is on 14 February, and it can seem as if the world is full of couples who are celebrating their love. Some couples might celebrate with dinner at a nice restaurant, flowers, chocolates or other presents. Some single people might put a post on social media about why they hate 'V-Day' or maybe they just avoid it completely. But it's impossible not to know that Valentine's is happening. And that's not surprising when over half of all Brits and Americans celebrate Valentine's in some way.

The price of love

For most of these romantic people, Valentine's Day means spending money. British people spend much less than Americans. The average Brit spends £28.45, while the average American spends $221.34 (approximately £170.81). Interestingly, in the UK, all three adult generations are likely to buy something for Valentine's (around 68–69% of them). But in the USA, millennials spend slightly more than Generation X, and both spend almost a third more than baby-boomers. Across all generations, on both sides of the Atlantic, men spend more money than women. 

The beginning of modern Valentine's Day

Today Valentine's is celebrated in Canada, Mexico, France, Denmark, Italy and Australia as well as the USA and England. But it's the USA where the celebration really became mass market, because of a woman called Esther Howland. She became known as the 'mother of Valentine's' after she created a successful business making and selling greetings cards in the 1840s. She got the idea from valentine cards from Europe that were decorated with lace and flowers and were very expensive. Then, in the early 1900s, two things happened that meant valentine cards became really popular: cheap printed cards were made by the greeting cards company, Hallmark, and the price of postage stamps fell.

Vinegar valentines

At about the same time as this, another kind of valentine card was popular. 'Vinegar valentines' were nasty, anonymous cards that people sent to someone they didn't like. This pre-social media way of trolling people was popular for a hundred years, but not many examples of the cards are in museums today. Museums have big collections of traditional valentine cards, but it's no surprise that not many people kept an unkind valentine card.

Further back in history

Valentine's Day has been celebrated in some way for 600 years. As far back as the 17th century, people gave cards or presents, but the very first valentine messages were written down in the 1400s. In 1415, the Duke of Orleans in France sent his wife a Valentine's Day letter while he was in prison in the Tower of London after the Battle of Agincourt. It is the earliest example of a written valentine message. However, the exact history of Valentine's Day is not known because there were three saints with the name Valentine. One story says that Valentine was a priest. He performed marriages at a time when the Emperor thought that single men were better soldiers than married men. The Emperor was so angry that he punished him with death. Another story says that Valentine helped Christians escape from Roman prisons. A third story says he sent a letter to a girl while he was in prison and signed it 'From your Valentine'.

Whichever story is true, the Catholic Church chose 14 February for St Valentine's Day in AD 270. They probably wanted to replace the pagan festival of Lupercalia on 15 February with the new Christian celebration.

Phrase of the day - Call it a day

meaning: to stop what you are doing because you do not want to do any more or think you have done enough

I'm getting a bit tired now - let's call it a day.
You've been studying hard – I think you should call it a day.

First class with a group of intermediate level Ang2.B1

We hope this course will be accessible and smooth for you. Stay strong, think positively and have courage to follow your heart and intuition 🎉👩‍🏫

First acquaintance with Ang2.A2+ group

Beautiful, curious and decisive learners of pre-intermediate level will have their first class today. We wish you to be confident and work hard to get your dreams🎉👩‍🏫

Phrase of the day - BED OF ROSES🌹🌹🌹

A bed or roses, literally, is a planting of roses and has been used figuratively to allude to a luxurious place to rest since the 1600’s.
The idiom is applied to situations, jobs, life, etc.

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