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10 типових фраз носія мови

10 фраз типового носія мови🇺🇸👇🏽
Читай і запам’ятовуй👩🏽‍🏫

Побажали вам чогось хорошого або недуже?🤭 Як відповісти взаємно?🤔
Коротка і проста фраза «лайквайз» все зробить за вас😊

2️⃣Now-now!/there-there!- ну-ну!🤗Говорять у випадках, коли треба когось підбадьорити💪🏽
Як заспокоїти подругу, що плаче? “Stop crying?”,- від цього вона ще більше розплачеться😅
А вираз "now now" чи "there there" прекрасно вам в цьому допоможе😊

Нам відомо, що cheers говорять, коли випивають і після цього цокаються🥂
В американській англійській це може мати значення «дякую»🤭

4️⃣Chillax- розслабся💆🏽‍♀️
В розмовній англійській можна почути багато варіантів щоб заспокоїти когось, коли той нервується🙇🏽‍♀️
Don’t worry, take it easy, relax...
Одне з таких- chilax (від chill out і relax- розслабся)

5️⃣You nailed it!- ти зробив це👏🏽
Уявіть, що ваш друг пройшов співбесіду!
Щоб порадіти за нього, можна сказати you did it=you nailed it!

6️⃣I see/I get it- я розумію👩🏽‍💼
Рідко коли ви почуєте в фільмах, серіалах, від носіїв мови- I understand you..😨
Частіше вони використовують «I see”- розумію або “I got it”- я зрозуміла😊

7️⃣It beats me- гадки не маю🤔
Але буває і навпаки- от не розумієте, що та людина від вас хоче🤭
Або не розумієте як той чи інший так вчинив..

8️⃣Ditto!/I couldn’t agree more- абсолютно згоден👏🏽Якщо ж ви повністю розділяєте думку співрозмовника, можна використати слово «ditto» або «I couldn’t agree more”,- дослівно: я не можу погодитись ще більше🤗

9️⃣Up to much?- багато планів?🤔
Якщо хочете запитати що людина буде сьогодні робити, замість звичайного «What are you doing?» Можна запитати «What are you up to?»..
І вони навіть не здогадаються, що ви не native speaker🤫

🔟Wanna hand with that?/Can I help at all?- потрібна допомога?
Дізнавшись про складну ситуацію співрозмовника запропонуйте свою допомогу!

Have a great daywink

A beginner’s guide to British humor


Britain’s unique take on humor may seem baffling at first. Heavy on self-deprecation, almost undetectable sarcasm, and constant deadpan delivery, British humor can feel like a whole new language. But fear not, we’ve put together a beginner’s guide to understanding (and using!) it.

Laugh at yourselflaugh

The key to understanding British humor is knowing not to take yourself too seriously. There is no room for egos in British humor. 

Comedians to look out for: Jon Richardson, Richard Ayoade, Jack Whitehall and Sarah Millican

TV shows to check out: Would I Lie to You?

Wait, were they joking?surprise

Sarcasm and irony are ingrained in DNA of British people. They can leave you wondering as to whether it was indeed a joke (or not?)

Sarcasm can be hard to spot in a new language and a new culture, and in Britain the usual clues of hyperbole (exaggeration) and an overemphasis on adjectives are stressed even less, making it harder to pick up. Luckily, sarcasm is used so often in day-to-day life that you will soon be a natural at detecting it. Be sure to use the tone, context and non-verbal clues such as the proud smile that spreads across the speakers face (Brits struggle to hide their delight at a perfectly timed sarcastic comment) as a guide.

Comedians to look out for: Jack Dee, David Mitchell and Stewart Lee

TV shows to check out: The Thick of It, The IT Crowd, The Office

Don`t take everything too seriouslycrying

Brits are famous for being very, very polite, but a surefire sign that a Brit likes you is if they happily ‘offend’ you with the occasional  comment. These are not mean-spirited statements, but rather a playful exchange of verbal sparring delivered with a smiling face and no apology. It can be used to make light of differences with new friends in an attempt to spark conversation.

Comedians to look out for: Ricky Gervais, Lee Nelson and Simon Amstell

TV shows to check out: The Inbetweeners, Friday Night Dinner and Peep Show

British people find humor in almost everythingcheeky

Brits use humor to lighten even the most unfortunate, miserable moments. There are few subjects they don’t joke about. It’s not used to shock and offend but rather because Brits turn to laughter as a form of medicine when life knocks them and those around them down. In most cultures, there is a time and place for humor. In Britain, this is not the case.

Comedians to look out for: Jimmy Carr, Billy Connolly and Micky Flanagan

TV shows to check out: Little Britain and Black Books

Despite Britain’s reputation as a rather serious place, humor really is the nation’s default setting – British are always looking to spice up our day with a sprinkle of laughter wink

Top 5 English "apple" idioms and phrases

.  Das Verhängnis kam mit dem Apfel Nicht nur mit gesundem Inneren, sondern auch mit ästhetischem Äußeren: der Apfel. Der Apfel gilt als ausgesprochen gesundes Nahrungsmittel, wobei mancher, der kräftig hinein beißt, von seiner uralten Rolle in Mythen und Märchen vielleicht nichts mehr weiß. Adam und Eva wurde der Weg aus dem Paradies gewiesen, weil sie sich an di... Mehr anzeigen — hier: Neverland.  Let`s take a look at some great expressions in English that have the word “apple” in them.smiley Apples are not only healthy and delicious, but they are also a culturally important food in America.  There are many apple related traditions in America, such as children bringing an apple to their teacher as a way of saying ‘thank you,’ a game called “bobbing for apples” that is played in the fall, and apple pie, a very American dessert, that is cooked and served on many important holidays like Independence Day and Thanksgiving Day.

It is this cultural importance of apples in America that has likely led to many of these apple-related phrases and idioms becoming popular. 

  • as American as apple pie – This means that something has qualities, or features, that are typical of the United States or the people of the United States.

Example: My brother drives a Ford truck and wears blue jeans every day; he is as American as apple pie.

  • an apple a day keeps the doctor away – Apples are considered a nutritious food; so this expression is intended as advice. To stay healthy (and to not have to visit the doctor) you should eat healthy food like, an apple, every day.

Example: Whenever I get sick my mother always reminds me to take care of myself by saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

  • the apple of my eye – This is a way of referring to a favorite, or beloved, person.

Example: My daughter is the apple of my eye; she makes me happy every day.

  • (like) comparing apples and oranges – This expression is used when someone is talking about two non-similar items, but trying to compare them as though they were similar.

Example: You can’t compare who works harder, me or you; I am a teacher and you are a fisherman, and that is like comparing apples and oranges.

  • one rotten apple spoils the whole barrel – This expression means that one bad person influences everyone around him or her and can make them act bad too.

Example: Jimmy is the rotten apple that spoils the barrel in my class, I wish I didn’t have to be his teacher all year.

  • How about them apples? or How do you like them apples?  This question is the same as ‘What do you think of that?’ Asking this question is usually a way of bragging or showing off.

Example: I was picked to join the basketball team and you weren’t. How do you like them apples?


I hope those phrases are useful for you! Have a nice day! angel