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Linguistic Team

Learning foreign languages is a long and complicated way. We work to make the learning process smooth, accessible and pleasent. We promote interaction in the English class, empower our learners and help them develop their communication skills. We motivate, create opportunities for them to interact with one another, help our learners develop their independent thinking. Using our imagination we explore and create new things. Our innovative teachers dare to go off the track in order to be on the track.

Інтенсивний курс з вивчення польської мови

Лінгвістичний центр запрошує здобувачів вищої освіти на інтенсивний курс з вивчення польської мови для навчання в Інституті Європейської Культури. Тривалість курсу – 2 місяці. Початок занять – 25 квітня 2019.

За детальною інформацією звертайтеся за адресою: вул. Огієнка 61, каб. 305

Improve your Vocabulary: Stop saying VERY!



meaning: to be too busy; to have too many things to deal with or a lot of things to worry about. This expression is used to signify that a person has too many different things to cope with.

Jackie’s got exams next week and she has just started her new job. I’d like to invite her to the cinema but she’s got too much on her plate!”


Intermediate level course

Olena Klius

Dear, friends! I feel terribly sad for being with you for the last time in this class room. I will miss our group activities so much. I had really great time with you. I would like to wish you to activate your goals in spite of the obstacles that may appear in your life. I'm sure that you will succeed. And, of course, never give up learning English. Look forward to seeing you again.

Mykhailo Hrushovets

It was very interesting period. We had a lot of beautiful moments, sometimes we were so bad, didn't do the homework, didn'y listen to the teacher, but we tried to be better. I enjoyed working with our group. Every lesson was fantastic.

Kateryna Demchyk

I am eternally grateful for everything I've learnt. I had so much fun learning English, especially when we played in groups. I enjoyed all the videos in courseblog. It was really interesting for me. I like our group, I have found new friends here.

Svitlana Atamaniuk

You miss 100 % of the shots you don't take. These are the words of a well-known Canadian hockey player. This means that the result appears after active actions of the person. Intermediate course is my base for further study. It was very interesting to study together with such groupmates that will always help, support and prompt. We have done the first 100 shots.