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Just start and change your life!

Po prostu zacznij i zmień swoje życie!

Beginne einfach und verändere dein Leben!

Teaching is a gift

Продовжуємо знайомитись з викладачами нашого Лінгвістичного центру!

The best teachers are those who think carefully about what they are going to do in their classes and know how to organize the teaching and learning process. 😇

Teaching is a gift that seems to come quite naturally for Natalia. She is imaginative, innovative and interactive. She promotes interaction in the English classes by empowering learners and helping them develop their communication skills.
Natalia is a qualified tutor with a great work experience in teaching English. She is constantly developing and improving herself and lots of certificates are the demonstration of her urgent work. 😉

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Let`s get acquainted :)

Сьогодні продовжуємо знайомитись з викладачами Лінгвістичного центру☺️
Анна Горлова- викладач, який проводить ІНТЕНСИВНИЙ курс англійської, НАБІР на який, проводиться ЗАРАЗ❗️тому поспішай❗️
Teacher knows how to make her students interested and motivated by well organized material and topics for discussion😊
Anna has her blog in the 📲Instagram which is created for making more and more people interested in the English language.
📍(@englishwith_ann) She posts bunch of different phrasal verbs, idioms, and shows that grammar isn`t that difficult as they say.
She`s into her job and into English, so that`s something that makes each lesson productive and resultative.
✅Her motto is: «Everyone can» .

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Our teachers :)

Цього тижня ви матимете змогу дізнатись більше про наших викладачів, які do their best для вас !:)

Liudmyla Konovalchuk graduated from Chernivtsi Yuriy Fedkovych National University where she received a Bachelor degree. She is patient, caring and kind personality. She has always been dedicated to English. Liudmyla loves and respects her students and tries to get a feel for language and love it. Persistence and enthusiasm are qualities which she encourages and appreciates in her students during the learning process.😇🙏


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Make a step forward!

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Idiom of the week!

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Thank you for coming!

Yesterday we were happy to share the classroom with Honorary Professor  Daniel Sherick !

Thank you Daniel for being with us and for a great experience in talking with the native English speaker!smiley

Our students truly enjoyed the convesation and we`re looking forward to meeting you again!

Color idioms !

Color idioms! Share and learn them all 😄

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